Andy Smith – photographer

Andy Smith is a self-taught photographer.

He’s been taking photographs since the early 1980s. His first camera was a Fujica STX-1 given to him by his parents as a birthday present.

The majority of his work, taken now with a digital Canon EOS20D, comes from a number of places. It’s mostly used on the websites he designs. He’s taken photographs at friends’ weddings and simply for fun – the weddings were probably a little too stressful to be fun!

His photographs were also used widely in print at his last job, where he became the ‘photographer in residence’ (even though that was not his primary role).

His main subjects include family, wildlife, landscapes and performers at music festivals. He’s particularly inspired by the performers of World Music, which is his main musical interest.

Andy had his first exhibition recently in Carndonagh with artist Sinéad Smyth.

The Canon EOS20D remains his trusty workhorse.

Some of the artist's work